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I've been busy catching up on the last 55 editions of the Carnival of Genealogy.  Since I've only been involved with the blog community since July of this year, I've had a LOT of reading to do. 

Although the list is available at the Blog Carnival site, it only lists the hosting blog and the date; unfortunately not the topic.  With that said, and to catch up all the other new genea-bloggers out there, and to celebrate the good news about COG being a featured carnival this week, I thought I'd put together a post listing the first 55 editions complete with host and topic. 

Thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene for starting the COG back in June 2006.  I look forward to hitting the three-year mark next June and being a part of it!


Edition Host Topic
1 Creative Gene New Technology in Genealogy
2 Creative Gene Ethnic Genealogy
3 Creative Gene Immigration
4 Creative Gene Family Reunions
5 Creative Gene Historical Fiction
6 Creative Gene Genealogical Societies
7 Creative Gene Writing a Family History
8 Creative Gene Family Photos
9 Creative Gene Genealogy Vacations
10 Creative Gene Tombstones
11 Kimberly's Genealogy Blog Making the Most of Family Get-Togethers
12 Family Oral History Using Digital Tools Solving Technical Problems
13 No longer available No longer available
14 Creative Gene Genealogy Gift-Giving
15 Creative Gene New Year's Resolutions
16 Creative Gene Food & Family Recipes
17 Creative Gene Giving Thanks
18 Creative Gene 5 Best Tips for Specific Research Areas
19 Creative Gene Shelter from the Storm
20 Creative Gene A Tribute to Women
21 Creative Gene Funny, Foolish, Family
22 Creative Gene Carousel
23 Creative Gene School Days
24 Creative Gene Mothers
25 Creative Gene Creative Genes
26 Creative Gene Dads
27 kinexxions What America/Independence Day Has Meant to My Family
28 Creative Gene Surnames
29 footnoteMaven Moral or Legal Dilemmas in Genealogy
30 Creative Gene Genealogical Conferences/Seminars
31 GeneaBlogie Confirm or Debunk: Family Myths, Legends, and Lore
32 Family Oral History Using Digital Tools Family Wartime Stories
33 Creative Gene Weddings
34 Creative Gene Halloween & the Supernatural
35 The Genetic Genealogist Genetic Genealogy
36 Creative Gene Carousel
37 Creative Gene Wish Lists
38 Creative Gene The New Millennium
39 Creative Gene New Year's Resolutions
40 Creative Gene Living-Relative Connections
41 Creative Gene Dinner With Ancestors
42 Creative Gene iGene Awards 2007
43 Creative Gene Technology
44 Creative Gene A Tribute to Women
45 Creative Gene Cars
46 Creative Gene Inherited Traits
47 Creative Gene A Place Called Home
48 Creative Gene Mom: How'd You Get So Smart
49 Creative Gene Swimsuit Edition
50 West in New England Family Pets
51 Destination:  Austin Family Independent Spirit
52 100 Years in America Age
53 Creative Gene Carousel
54 What's Past is Prologue Family Language
55 Creative Gene Show & Tell

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Sep. 14th, 2008 12:53 pm (UTC)
Great post, great topic! ;-) We've covered a lot in our 55 editions but there is more to come. So glad you'll be joining us!
Sep. 21st, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
What a great thing you have done Julie! No wonder you haven't been at the scramble board. Once again I have challenged you to a rematch. I will be victorious - one of these days.

Sheri Fenley
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