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Genea-Blogger Group Games - Ready to Roll

I've decided to go ahead and compete in the Genea-Blogger Group Games, albeit at the last minute (hey, better late than never).  It's funny that this came when it did since I have either been in the middle of doing some of these or on the verge of getting started.  I figure the Games will hold me accountable and keep me on track.  So, without further ado, off to the Opening Ceremonies I go!

My Flag
My flag represents the American, German, and Irish sides of my heritage.  I have some English and Swedish in me too, but mainly Irish (dad's side) and German (mom's side).

My Events

Go Back and Cite Your Sources!
As you can see from an earlier post, I'm in the middle of doing this.  I should have no problem doing 50+ in two weeks since I probably did well over that in about a week.  I've been pretty good about sourcing the people in my tree, in general, but not to a granular level, which is what I've been working on.  Additionally, I upgraded Legacy and have been revamping sources with the new features available.  It's a challenge and a bit of a pain, but I'm ready and willing!

Organize Your Research!
I am a highly organized person, but I'm taking this as an opportunity to complete some long-overdue tasks.  I'd like to take all of the digital images I have and add descriptions, owner/source, and tags for searching.  I also plan to organize my hard-copy photos; I spent quite a bit of time  yesterday looking for "my favorite photo" for the 4th Edition of I Smile For the Camera and don't want to have to do that again.  I also plan to resume scanning photos.  Whew!  This one's gonna be a toughie, but for me, a fun one!

Write, Write, Write!
I am a writer by trade, but I tire of writing only for work.  This is the reason I just recently started my blog...I wanted to take my two passions (genealogy and writing) and do something fun!  This competition will be helpful to get me focused on what I've set out to do--write about my ancestors.  I plan to write a biographical sketch (or two, or three) for starters.  I participated in my first carnival just yesterday (I Smile for the Camera).  Too bad I didn't wait until tomorrow--could have checked it off this list...oh well.  I'll look around for other carnivals to participate in during the Games, but it may just be the one task for this event.
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